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In the 2014 midterm election campaign entered a crucial stage of the critical moment, nike basketball socks the Democratic and Republican fund-raising has become even more intense competition. To help raise funds the midterm elections the Republican National Committee, nike elite crew socks the 41st President of the United States 90-year-old Bush is to sell their autographed socks, all proceeds used to support the Republican mid-term election campaign.

In the upcoming mid-term elections, nike crew socks the Republican Party is committed to continue to keep the majority of seats in the House of Representatives, and try to regain control of the Senate.

"I'm a" sock control "," Bush in a letter to supporters that "the color more vivid, more exaggerated pattern, mens nike ankle socks design the more outrageous the more I like it. I went out, people are always the first to notice my socks I just like it. "" Now I sell the socks is so, nike socks black if you wear someone will notice you. "Bush said.

"First Financial Daily" reporters at the Republican National Committee on Capitol Hill to see these socks, nike elite basketball crew socks including a pair of really bright spots, because of its bright colors really "loud." This is a pair of orange, bright yellow, grass green and dark blue stripes nike crew basketball socks, Republican elephant logo embroidered socks mouth, and in the middle part of old socks Bush personally signed the socks, but also because a large stretch nike crew elite socks, so all kinds of men and women size of the feet are applicable. Currently the price of a pair of socks for a donation of at least $ 35 or more.

"Socks will soon be sold out." Republican National Committee Chairman Reince Priebus said in his.

Bush's "sock Love" is often the White House photographer to capture the Queen nike crew socks medium, it should be said that every time to beat George Bush's facial features will also give him to wear socks to Zhang close-up, and get the reporter's words, "his socks will never let you down. "

Now rely on wheelchair travel Bush appeared on various occasions, we also always have to show your own socks: George W. Bush last year for the opening of the library, when Bush wearing a pair of brilliant pink socks, in participate Houston When a celebration, Bush and dozens of cheerleading babes photo group photo wearing a US flag style socks, in a public appearance when Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney nike elite socks crew, Bush wore a pair of lavender color socks , and in participating in the description of his film "41," the premiere, Bush wore a pair of socks coral.

The most exaggerated, last February at an event in Houston, Bush wore a pair of red and blue socks, socks mouth in their own head.

Bush in a letter to supporters that he was agreed with the Republican National Committee fund-raising request because they agreed with the "sock element" to carry out fund-raising. "I was deeply touched, because they choose to produce a limited edition of the midterm elections have Republican" elephant "signs of socks, you can only spend $ 35 to buy a pair of very special socks, and can also support the Republican mid-term election campaign, nike basketball crew socks which the Republican Congress sent from the office where the office is very important. "Bush said.