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I believe as long as the contact with the circle animation on the "absolute field" This is absolutely not unfamiliar words nike basketball socks! Absolute field became popular in Japan otaku subculture wording used, referring to the so-called absolute field can be nike crew socks seen looming in the skin between the thigh skirt and knee socks. It is said that the earliest nike elite crew socks nike elite crew socks dating back to ancient England men's wear, men before that country are wearing a skirt and socks, mens nike ankle socks in the middle there have been areas we are talking about the absolute section. The absolute field this term is derived from the animation "Evangelion" in the science fiction term "AT" nouns and make Chinese, nike socks black it means "the absolute inviolability of the field."

Absolute field so many men feel the temptation, they think Skirt (navel height limit): Absolute exposed areas: the golden ratio knee socks knee portion between 4: 1: 2.5, in Europe there are different proportions division of S, A, B, C, D, E class. Such gold not only let the girl sprouting degree increase, more can instantly capture the male gaze. Select knee socks also pay attention to the color, too old-fashioned style will affect its suction effect, in color, black knee socks is recognized as the most sexy, nike elite basketball crew socks white knee socks, there are a pure fascination. If absolute field and double tail, these adorable little sailor suit all mix together, then simply fantastic combination consisting of our hearts!

11.28 in Japanese read the law and "good praise knee socks" (い (1) い (1) ni ー (2) HI-(8)) are similar, nike crew basketball socks so on November 28 that day by the Japanese Twitter users as " absolute field day. " On this day, a lot of girls will upload their wear knee socks, nike crew elite socks revealing "absolute field" Photos white thigh to respond to this wonderful day, full of not only the topic, but also to meet the fantasy very many users. There are also established by the fans "Japan knee stockings nike crew socks medium Association" (ni ー su Association Sunsolt LEC) are regular events, invite stockings models were selection, talent show and so on. Even if you are not an "absolute field control", as a "socks control", and do not miss these events and festivals Oh!

The Japanese are very keen for the absolute field, especially loved by otaku, nike elite socks crew absolute field absolutely adorable as a feature point, nike basketball crew socks one set is essential for the second element Meng Mother!